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The Major Key To Your Online Marketing Business

The Major Key To Your Online Marketing Business

Chances are, you would not spend months planning an elaborate wedding ceremony with fancy decorations, a rocking band, three-tier cake and enough food to feed a village – and not inviting any guests. Sounds just a bit senseless, right?

It would be like crafting a genius marketing campaign for your business, and not introducing it to a crowd of potential clients. Again, pointless…


It would not matter how good our advertising and marketing plans are built – if no person sees them, they only aren’t going to have the flexibility to do what we need them to do.


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Finding some awesome site visitors sources is the solution to that dilemma.

Earlier than we get began though… lets run by a fast definition of the term traffic to make sure we’re all on the same page.


Traffic (Which is also known as Site Visitors) is rightly outlined as: Any and all sources, both online and offline, that can be utilized to get YOUR MESSAGE in front of YOUR PERFECT CLIENT.

Here’s the thing that we need to get –




We talk concerning the advertising funnel all the time but if this is your first expertise with it… let me provide you with a fast Reader’s Digest breakdown.

An advertising or marketing funnel is just a graphical illustration of our visitor’s journey through our marketing course of – from a Prospect, to a Lead and hopefully all the means in which to a Customer.


The Funnel


The funnel has “Three Levels” in it and every stage represents a phase of the relationship we have with our customer.

  • Stage One – Introduction and Awareness

  • Stage Two – Analysis

  • Stage Three – Conversion


Right now, we’re talking about traffic and putting our message in front of our excellent buyer, so we’re really focused on the highest section – Stage 1 Introduction and Awareness.

There are actually 1000’s of various visitors sources that we could use here, however who’s got time for that? We’re all busy professionals, incapable to doing them ALL (and I do know there’s probably a few of you that have accomplished this, proper? Attempting to be on all of the social media channels – and you finish up going nuts attempting to keep up.) We do not need that – what we really want to do is to locate a few really awesome visitors sources and focus our time and energy there.





There are actually TWO major standards for a great traffic sources.


1. Acceptable

We have to find the traffic sources that get us in front of our excellent clients – apparent!


2. Reproducible



We need that traffic (site visitors) source supply to be reproducible. That means that we are ready to go out to this traffic source anytime we want and get extra traffic.

It is 2, having the flexibility to reproduce the visitors that permits us to scale our customer acquisition up and down as want be. That is what gives us the first of two main WINS in this type of system – CONTROL.


Now that you understand why it is very much important to concentrate on traffic (site visitors) when constructing your marketing funnel, it’s time to begin testing which sources that works greatest for attracting your perfect client but before i breakdown these traffic sources i use in my business, i would like to introduce you to some of my just discovered online businesses opportunities which you can dive in today and start living a dot com life like many of those Internet gurus out there. It is so simply like reading A B C alphabets when applying the step by step system into your online business.


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