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Pay Per Lead Income Guide

Pay Per Lead Income Guide

Are You Interested in Making Money With My Top Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs? Want to Know How They Work and Where To Sign Up and Start Making Money?


Look no further. Here I will reveal my best affiliate programs you can join and how to make money with them.



There are plenty of pay per lead affiliate programs available nowadays. It better to choose from the best and the paying ones


What is a Pay Per Lead Affiliate Program?


When you sign up for an affiliate program, you are agreeing to help another company market their products to potential customers. Website owners love affiliate marketing programs because it allows them to cash-in on their web traffic without the hassle of developing products, fulfilling orders or handling customer service inquiries.


A pay per lead (PPL) program allows you to cash-in on any qualified lead you create for your affiliate partner. This is different from most affiliate marketing programs, where you would need a successful sale to occur before you earn a commission.


By sending someone to your partner’s site, you are generating a payout for yourself. Some PPL programs require the visitor to take action before you earn a payout. This is known as a “qualified lead”. In order for the visitor to become a qualified lead, they will need to take a specific action – this could include:


Signing up for a mailing list.
Entering their zip code.
Providing their email.
Signing up for a free trial.
Downloading software or a file.


The key here is that a qualified lead takes action, beyond simply visiting the site that you send them to.


Some sites will only pay for qualified leads, while others will pay for any traffic you generate, with a bonus based on the percentage that become qualified leads.

There are many, many types of PPL relationships. It’s important to read the Terms and Conditions for the affiliate program you’re interested in joining.


How is PPL Different from CPA?


Cost per Acquisition (CPA) is a form of affiliate marketing where affiliates are paid a commission for every new sign-up they generate. For example, if I wanted to build a new streaming service to compete with Netflix, I might offer affiliate marketers the opportunity to earn a commission on every new subscriber they help me generate.


With a PPL arrangement, I would offer affiliates a commission for simply generating a stream of visitors to my site. I might limit payouts to a certain number of actions, but it wouldn’t be limited to newly registered subscribers. A simple click or two from a site visitor could generate a payout to the affiliate marketer.


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